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As any computer owner knows, there are many potential computer threats that must be guarded against in order to keep any PC in top operating condition. The most common and by far the most overlooked problem that can make a computer slow or unresponsive is registry corruption.

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A registry will start to build corruption whenever any piece of software is either removed or upgraded. Removing hardware in a roundabout way can also cause registry corruption because when hardware is removed its corresponding software will be removed.

Trying To Avoid Corrupting The Registry

There was a time it was practical to try to avoid registry corruption by staying away from removing software programs. Such a procedure is no longer practical. There are too many sources of corruption to deal with to make it worth the effort to live in the sheltered world required to keep away from registry corruption. Instead, it is much more practical to accept the fact it will occur in from time to time and you need to be prepared to deal with it.

It is certainly within the realm of possibility to restrain oneself from deleting any software programs or removing any pieces of hardware from a computer, but here's the problem.

Upgrades Are Deletions

Windows updates files automatically. An updated file is, technically, a deleted file an a newly installed file. So, upgrades tend to cause registry corruption just like any other file deletion.

Here is complication number two. It was rather difficult to corrupt an older operating system like Windows 98, and if you did corrupt it, the corruption may not have become noticeable for a long time. Then, if the computer did slow down, you could just add some more RAM and you'd be fine.

More Files, More Corruption

New operating systems with their super sized registries make a computer work harder to complete each operation. Add registry corruption into the mix and the result will be a computer that will be virtually gasping for air as it slowly labors to complete each operation.

Running a good registry cleaner will relieve the operating system of the extra workload registry corruption piles on it. Of course, if left to develop over an extended period of time, registry corruption has the potential of causing major harm to the operating system. So, using a top-notch registry cleaner regularly is not only wise, it is necessary these days.

Problems in the registry will not only cause computer slowdowns but also computer errors, blue screen crashes and page faults.

What all this means is every PC owner needs to run a registry cleaner as part regular computer maintenance routine these days.

Spyware/Malware Will Cause a

PC to Go Slow

The term malware is born of the words malicious and software. Malware includes any kind of software that enters your computer without your knowledge or desire. Somewhat harmless malwarePage Fault known as adware simply is put on your computer to try to read your buying habits. It really does not steal much information about you other than what are the types of things you purchase online, if you do purchase online.

Of course, most malware is much more devious. The type of malware, known as spyware, sneaks onto your computer so it can steal your credit card numbers, social security number, bank account numbers or practically anything else.

Viruses Are Simply Out to Kill Your Windows Operating System!

No matter what type of malware is on your computer, it will steal your computer's resource and therefore make it run very slowly. The antidote to malware is to clean it off of your computer and keep it from ever coming back again. Most times malware cleaners are said to be spyware cleaners. Any good spyware cleaner will clean all types of malware.

A Bad Device Driver Will Cause Accidents

Device drivers are programs that install any time you install a program or hardware on your computer. In fact, any device that comes already installed on your computer, such as a mouse, has a device driver. So does your printer.

Device drivers become outdated through no fault of your own. They also sometimes become so corrupted they are no longer usable. Though it wouldn't seem logical these things could happen to your device drivers, they very commonly do.

So what can you do about this situation? Simply use a good driver scanner. Driver scanner's will find drivers that are no longer functioning at their best, locate new updated drivers to replace these old ones, allow you to download them and then install them; all at the click of a button.

Systen AdministratorBeing Responible For Keeping 900 Computers Running Fast Means Knowing How To Deal With Registry Corruption, Spyware and Device Driver Problems
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Driver scanners are very important computer maintenance tools because without them, finding any drivers that are not functioning well, finding replacements for these drivers and replacing them is a weeklong task. Because of this, malfunctioning drivers often go unchecked and the result will be a computer that can hardly get out of its own way.

Yes, Bad or Out of Date Device Drivers Can Cause Slow Computers

So you can see, you not only need one tool to keep your computer running at its best, you actually need three. The good news here is PC Health Advisor has all of these three tools included in one package. Getting PC Health Advisor is like getting three tools for the price of one. Not only that, but PC Health Advisor is rated as the best by far at what it does! Even better than that is the fact it will give you a free scan so you can see just exactly what is up with your computer before you purchase anything.


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